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Other Websites & Blogs

The menus links to the left will open up the blogs I am currently working on. They are intentionally varied in style and subject, generally because my interests are broad and sometimes esoteric.

Living the Italian Dream - Covering a wide variety of topics including; Emigrating, Property (buying and management), Working abroad, Cost of Living, and general articles and blogs about life in Italy.

Indie Author Help - Articles and blogs about writing and publishing, especially aimed at independent authors

Dog Friendly Suffolk - A blog from before my wife and I emigrated. Reviews of 24 off-lead dog walks in Suffolk that have dog-friendly pubs nearby. The reviews are of both the walk and the pub.

Please Note: 

  • The Indie Author Help blog is under heavy construction, and likely to change dramatically, and quickly.
  • Dog Friendly Suffolk is no longer updated - was used during our time in the UK

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"I had a lot of fun working with you And safe for me to work with you in the future! Quality work and quick and very good service! highly recommend."

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"Took on a large job with a tight deadline, and turned it around very quickly without compromising on quality. Thank you."


Testimonial 3

"Mr Owens is a very pro-active and easy to work with. He gave this task his personal touch and the turnaround was fantastic. I really like his style and all future proofreading projects are for his first refusal."